Are you passionate about mental health? Have you worked in the health sector under mental health services? Do you want to invest time in volunteering for a support group or even set up and run your own?

Look at the available roles below or send an email about starting a local peer support group in your area.


Lighter Minds UK runs solely off unpaid volunteers with personal or professional experience in mental health. Staff are DBS checked.


Using experience in mental health whether professionally e.g. counselling, mentoring, nursing, psychologist etc, volunteer work, or personal experience.

Group facilitators

Set up and run local peer suport groups in your area. We'll help find community spaces or set up video chat accounts as well as provide a DBS check. No experience required.


Recording expenditure incurred as well as donations received, projecting costs quarterly. Experience in excel required.

Website Manager

Update information, post content produced in advance to the blog, process updates and ensure functional.


However you raise money through sponsorship, collecting donations, bake sales or yard sales, we always need fundis. No application needed.


Do you have websites, magazines, or billboards? Are you happy to advertise and promote our sevice? Even just posting flyers helps.

Crisis line agent

Are you a good listener who has spare time for people feeling depressed and suicidal? We need caring volunteers to man the crisis line.


Responding to e-mails, social media comments, direct messages and voicemails. Deletes inappaproiate comments.


Liases with the commuunity, GP surgerys and libraries to promote the services, Attend organised mental health events for networking or training.


Sponsor a peer support group member by becoming a one-to-one mentor.

Group volunteers

Assist in setting up the group resources, snacks, drinks and welcoming attendees.

Social media writer

Write and post short updates for instagram, twitter and facebook.