'You can always find a helping hand at the end of your own arm'

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Questions to ask yourself...





Physical conditions

Mental health conditions

Do you socialise? Are there good friends to support you? How much time do you spend connecting with others? What ways could you enrich your social life?

Have you got a pre-existing condition? Does this impact on your mental wellbeing? Where could this be reduced? Would there be ways to make this routine?

Were there any formal diagnoses or are you exploring possibilities of this with you doctors? Have you tried a tailored treatment plan? What are your triggers?




Would you be willing to try a plant-based diet? When you eat certain foods, is there a consequence? Will you cut items out one by one to see what affects you most?

Are you taking any medications? Do these have side effects which may impact your mental wellbeing? Have you talked about alternative treatments?

Do you stay up to date with current events? Is expanding your knowledge and mindset important to you? Are questions and curiosity central to your life?



Thought challenging

How often do you exercise? Where? With who? What sports could you engage with? Are there other physical activities you could do?

Are you tracking your bodily symptoms and your moods? Have you started analysing what factors influence the onset of these?

Do you believe everything you think? What triggers you? Are you actively challenging those destructive thoughts?



Emotion regulation

Who do you live with? Where do you live? Is it clean and tidy? What do you enjoy about your home? 

Do any physical, psychological or other chronic illnesses affect any of your family members?

How do you regulate emotions? Can you practise skills to cope with difficult moods; anger, depression, or jealousy?



Past trauma

Do you smoke or vape nicotine? How much alcohol do you consume? Are you  sedentary? Have you ever used illegal substamces? What bad habits make your mind worse?

How often do you update your GP? Do you feel comfortable sharing your health problems with them? Would you be willing to try their recommendations or switching doctors?

Did you experience trauma growing up? Are there unresolved issues bubbling under the surface? Could you direct energy to resolve it? Do you want to?


Holistic medicine


Where do you work? Is it a fulfilling role? Does the business have a pleasant atmosphere? Are you friends with your coworkers? Is money a problem causing you stress?

Is alternative medicine something you would try? Do you grow herbs at home? Are you interested in essential oils? Have you used at home remedies?

Do you meditate? What are your ways of winding down to relax? How can you be more aware in the present moment? Can you make just 10 minutes a day for you?

Give yourself the helping hand 

Hygiene & health stay on top of the small things; bushing teeth, showers, small meals, a clean environment and getting day light. 

Be kind to yourself instead of harsh. If things go south, treat yourself like you would a close friend. Self love is what we all deserve. 

Connect with others in the community. Stay in touch with your GP. Talk to your friends or neighbours. Volunteer to meet new people!

Relax and do what you enjoy whether it’s sport, podcasts, reading or gardening, get stuck into something you love. Focus is the perfect distraction.

Create new neural pathways

Your behaviour and thought patterns develop over time. It takes focus and active participation to break bad ones. You can. Replace them with healthier versions. 

Build coping strategies

Try a range of different methods to manage emotions, circumstances and unexpected trauma. Note what works for the future to use again.

Explore new avenues

Routines are good for comfort, but new experiences expand the mind. Don’t get stuck in a rut and switch up the style to keep things fresh. 

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