More online sessions and advice for 2020

More online sessions and advice for 2020

Online peer support & advice for 2020

Lighter Minds MK Support Group 27.07.20 7pm

Zoom meeting link: || Meeting ID: 964 2745 3947 || E-mail: for the password.

Lighter Minds Stockport Support Group 31.07.20 7pm

Zoom meeting link: || Meeting ID: 911 2598 2048 || Email for the password.

Our online zoom sessions continue next week. 

Both mental health support group meetings begin at 7:00 PM on their different days. They are led by Charlotte Appleby, the group founder, from her home in Stockport. You can join with or without video camera, however you feel most comfortable, but we please ask that you maintain respect for all group members or newcomers attending. We are a safe space to listen, speak and be heard. 

The sessions are 40 minutes long, and due to the transition into this ‘new normal’, focus on informal conversations surrounding our present experiences, thoughts and challenges instead of following a set structure. For this reason, there will be no public/professional speakers invited until our sessions can extend back to the normal 1 hour 30 minute allotted. 

If you have any questions, you can get in touch via social media (twitter, IG, facebook or e-mail), Skype, Zoom, or telephone. Please be patient with our responses, as volunteer numbers are low. We will respond ASAP to every query. We love to take any feedback, questions or suggestions. 

Our advice during these confusing times of change: 

Lighter Minds UK recommend harnessing technology to keep in touch with those people we otherwise cannot maintain physical proximity to. 

Facetime your grandparents, writer letters to your friends, create whatsapp groups and zoom calls, online quizzes or video-games. Call your colleagues, text your cousins, socially distance visit those who are local to you.

Partake in hobbies that you’ve lost connection with; puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, chess, reading, charades, gardening… take up new activities; yoga, tai-chi, jogging, hiking, cycling, dancing, weight training or camping. 
Learn something new that you’ve always wanted to try; a foreign language, new recipes, take a course, try D.I.Y, build a website, write a poem. 
Build on your coping strategies by listening to mental health podcasts, watching self-help videos, looking at ted talks and using therapy resources online. 
Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t achieve what you want right now. 

Remember that your mental health must come first. #EveryMindMatters

1. Contact your GP with any mental health concerns for telephony assessments, appointments and support. 

2. Speak to a close friend, relative or coworker about your concerns. Don’t keep your emotions bottled up inside.

3. Reach out to the local mental health team for short-term therapy such as CBT. 

4. Use hotlines as advertised by mental health charities (the Samaritans, Hub of Hope, etc. See the full list here.)

5. Try support groups locally or set up your own. Rethink Mental Illness, Mind, Lighter Minds UK and other organisations can help you locate one on. Click here.

Say to yourself: This will pass.

You’re not alone in these difficult times. Many people in the UK are experiencing mental health conditions, symptoms and struggles of all kinds, now more than ever. Step out of the darkness and into the light. Talk for change today. 


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