Monday Mental Health Peer Support Group for Buckinghamshire

Monday Mental Health Peer Support Group for Buckinghamshire

Lighter Minds Peer Support Meeing on Zoom at Monday 2nd November at 7pm

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Meeting ID: 928 6345 1885
Passcode: Freetea4u?

Email us on or call 07723155989

Online mental health peer support groups

Every other week, Lighter Minds hosts an online peer support group for those suffering with mental health difficulties. 

This is not limited by specific conditions or circumstances. All are welcome, including those affected by mental illness such as carers. 

On Monday we are discussing the increasing difficulties surrounding COVID-19, providing coping tips and self-help strategies. 

As always, there is an open platform for questions, advice and discussions for any attendees or regular member. Thinking of coming but don’t have the condience? Send us an email, or contact us via zoom, skype or social media to talk about what the peer support group entails. 

Unfortunately, we can’t host our support group face to face and with regulation surrounding government guidelines changing daily, it is unknown when we will return to our on site premises. 

So we encourage you all, anyone suffering with mental health difficulties to join the zoom meeting. Mondays are for Buckinghamshire and Fridays are for Greater Manchester.

Live outside of those areas? Get in touch and let us know. We’ll look to set up local sessions for your area, too! If there’s space, we can admit you to a different group in the meantime while we look to set another up.

Check out the self-help page for more guidance, or try the other services page for more organisations. Email us on

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