Little Life Tweaks

Little Life Tweaks

Life Tweaks is a coping strategy suggested by my CBT therapist/psychologist during my time at therapy. The idea is to make small manageable changes to your daily life, diet, behaviour and challenge your habits and automatic reactions or thoughts.

Try making a list of your own today.

Beneath is an example of my list of Life Tweaks.

Thanks for reading.

From your Founder, Charlotte.

Charlotte’s Life Tweaks

Your 5 top priorities: Family & friends, animals & nature, writing & education, mental health & wellbeing, spirituality

**Remember to check in with yourself before and after each tweak**


  • Do a chore
    (Tidy your bedroom, do the laundry, water the plants)
  • Yoga in the mornings
  • Sit at the desk to do writing
    (No TV on in the background – limit distractions)
  • Open the blinds and windows
    (Let the light in)
  • Play the guitar
    (Even if only for ten minutes)
  • Read a book, quotes, or poem
  • Go for a walk
    (To the shops, to the lake, to the stream, anywhere)
  • Call a friend or make plans with a friend
  • Put on happy music
    (Sing and dance along?)
  • Have a bath


  • Slow down
    (Drive slower, walk slower, think before you speak and breathe before you react)
  • Be kind to yourself
    (Eat healthier, use positive affirmations, forgive yourself, praise your achievements and understand your faults to grow from them)
  • Utilise self-help and mindfulness
  • Focus on the good
    (Challenge every negative thought, catch them and nip them in the bud)
  • Write a gratitude list for the day
    (Or write in your journal about how you are feeling and think reflectively about how your behaviour can impact this)

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