January ’21 Update

January ’21 Update

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
Amy March
Little Women

Return of Regular Peer Support Meets

Monday 12th, Lighter-Minds hosted it’s first mental health peer support group of 2021 for the Buckinghamshire based members. Leading this was Charlotte Appleby and she will be encouraging discussion around New Years Resolutions versus setting intentions

Our newest group for Greater Manchester will have their first mental health peer support group meeting on Monday 18th at 7:00pm with the same group lead and topic. 

If there are any requests for specific topics to cover during support group sessions or as information online, get in touch. 


Want a Lighter-Minds Group in Your Area?​

For our mental health peer support groups to expand, we are working on a self-starter pack for local communities to use as a guide to setting up peer support groups along with top tips for fundraising, promotion and group topics. 

If you’re interested in setting up and running a local community peer support group contact us on e-mail or social media. 

Lighter-Minds will help guide anyone into becoming a local mental health advocate to continue promoting a positive message about reaching out for support.  

Our intentions for 2021

  • Launch Ashton-under-Lyne virtual support groups

  • Provide crisis support over social media, zoom and skype for suicide prevention.

  • Open a Lighter-Minds UK bank account for fundraising purposes and managing finances. 

  • Add more mental health services to our directory.

  • Write specified top tips and infopages on mental health conditions.

  • Run a mental health awareness competition surrounding self care (prize provided by Mind Allies). 

  • Create a simple start-up guide for peer support groups. 

  • Increase our following and influences online to help promote mental wellness for all. 

Lighter-Minds UK is now on TikTok @LighterMindsUK

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